Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.

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Olympia Farmers Market
by Don and Peggy Doman

Fish vendor family from the Olympia Farmers Market.

Peg and I stayed the weekend in Olympia enjoying great food and entertainment. One of our joys about Olympia is visiting the Olympia Farmers Market, which we do as often as we are able.

The exercise room at the Phoenix Inn in Olympia, Washington.Peg and I booked a King Suite at the Phoenix Inn. The suite has a short wall dividing the bedroom from a sitting room with its desk, small couch, and coffee table. Whenever I check into a hotel I always look at the exercise room to see what equipment they have. I almost always decline the use, but I like to know what I am passing up. Sunday morning was a new leaf morning. After a bowl of cereal and blueberries I felt like a little stroll. I went to the exercise room and turned on the treadmill and watched the local news as I walked for twenty minutes.

On Facebook I posted this comment: "Walking on a treadmill is like worrying. You work up a sweat and don't really get anywhere." I have no grand exercise plans, but I figure even one morning walk on the treadmill might help me rethink my aversion to exercise . . . maybe . . . kinda.

Waterfront art in Olympia, Washington.We choose the Phoenix Inn because it is close to everything we like to do in downtown Olympia like sightseeing and seeing/talking to people. It's also close to the waterfront, where I saw the mechanical mermaid, and it's close to the Farmers Market where we like to look for baby turnips and baby beets.

Peg and I packed our bags, loaded the car and checked out and then headed to the market. I let her sleep, but this time didn't bring her any food from the breakfast buffet at the Phoenix Inn. In knew we could find plenty to eat at the Farmers Market and I was will to bet she would choose the bockwurst at the Bavarian food stall.

Sandwich from the Bavarian Wurst Restaurant in Olympia, Washington.As soon as we stepped out of the car we could smell cooking sausage. We parked right behind Bavarian Wurst. We walked up the entrance to the farmers market and look briefly around and then Peg made a bee-line for the order window. She ordered a Pepsi and a bockwurst (veal and pork) with onions and sauerkraut. I ordered the same and then added sweet potato fries. Peg paid for the meal while I took the pops to the picnic table facing the small covered stage.

Once I was settled with my pop and my camera holding our places I traded places with Peg and waited for the food. I squirted ketchup on one side of the paper bowl filled with the fries and squirted German mustard on the paper plate between the sausages.

The sauerkraut and onions were good. The bockwurst was good, but would have been outstanding if they had been grilled. They were so huge, I left half of mine behind . . . although Peg might have had a bite or two.

Father and daughter dancing at the Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.As we ate we enjoyed the music from a three-piece combo. They were playing basically the same music we had just heard the night before at Harlequin Productions' of Summer in the Sixties. The difference was that it wasn't too loud and it seemed friendly.

As the band played a father and his young daughter moved from their seats closer to the stage and began dancing. It was a nice father's day moment. It reminded me of Satchel Paige's comment, "Dance like nobody can see you." We could all see them and we all had smiles on our faces.

Between songs the band gave away tickets for fathers and their families for Rainier's (minor league baseball farm team for the Seattle Mariners) games at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.

The farmers marketing in Olympia, Washington.Peg and I picked up our trash and threw it in the right containers and then we split up to shop at the market.

I like to do a walk-thru to orientate my self before I start buying. I enjoyed a piece of Pink Lady from the apple vendor and noted a few places where I wanted to return and purchase items. The market is always a combination of old and new. This year with our late summer, some of the fresh produce was lacking, but I saw some that I would come back for on my second trip through the market.

I found fresh smelt for $3 a pound for four pounds for a dollar. I was salivating until I looked them over and they hadn't been cleaned, yet. I don't clean fish and neither does Peg. Gutting fish remains a memory, we don't want to relive.

Johnson's smoked meats at the Olympia Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.I knew we wanted to purchase some smoked meats for our two sons for their Father's Day gifts. I stopped in at Johnson's Smoke House and left a pile of money behind. I bought some ham slices for me and a pound each of Pepperoni and BBQ Meat Sticks for the boys.

We stopped in at son Del's home on the way back home. His crumb crunchers were making short work of his smoked booty.

That evening we visited our other son Patrick and his family. We depleted his sticks of goodness as well.

The next morning I fried up three pieces of ham to accompany our breakfast toast. All good and sweet with just a little spice to keep it interesting.

Yarn at the Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.Peg found a booth with yarn and knit caps.

Our friend Debbie Irwin knits caps for homeless children. She also knitted one for me as well even with my huge head.

Peg carefully looked over the beautiful colors and ran the yarn through her fingers, before buying a skein.

I'm willing to bet that Debbie may get some yarn for her birthday. Either that, or Peg is going to start tying her own flies for the next time we go fly fishing . . . uh, never.

The Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.Even if we're not buying anything it's still interesting to see what is at the market. Sunday we were looking to buy, however. Peg showed me a jar of Tayberry Jam she bought for me from the Johnson Berry Farm. It has a Celtic history: Scottish Raspberry crossed with an Aurora Blackberry, this dark red fruit has the best of both worlds. It was created in Scotland but loves our Washington climate, fabulous flavor! Extremely popular."

I suggested we get a jar for our son-in-law, who lived for a time in Ireland with relatives. I think we'll match up the jam with a gift of Dubliner Cheese and some Irish Soda Bread if we can find it for his Father's Day present.

Peg returned with another jar of Tayberry Jam and one of Boysenberry as well.

The Market Place Bakery at the Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.Since I didn't eat all my bockwurst I had room for something else. I worked my way into line at the Market Place Bakery. Every thing looked so good. I chose a miniature bread pudding, a slice of key lime pie, a rhubarb square and a rhubarb tart. The Morgan's Square brownie with chocolate icing was calling to me, but I restrained myself. I very carefully ignored the little carrot cakes as well and I think the cream puffs were calling my name.

There are so many good things to eat at the market. I didn't even get to my other favorite place, a bakery that I have to pass just to get out of the market. I turn away and quickly walked past it, even though I knew they had pizza by the slice and loaves of good toothy bread.

I took the baked goods to the car and returned for my last purchase.

Vegetables at the Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.Peg and I love roasted veggies. I had already seen what I wanted. Unfortunately, I could find any candy cane or golden beets, but found everything else I wanted.

I went to the vegetable stand and purchased bunches of long radishes (for salad), baby turnips, and baby beets. Peg will take salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder and paprika along with some olive oil and bake those little babies until their flavors are concentrated and the turnips and beets are bursting with goodness. Served with roasted chicken and baked potatoes, we will have a feast fit for a queen and king. . . I mean for Peg and me.

Food doesn't have to be really fancy to be good, although we enjoy fancy food, but roasted vegetable and chicken is pretty basic and so easy to make . . . I'm hungry already.

Baked goods from the Market Place Bakery at the Farmers Market in Olympia, Washington.I took the veggies out the car and put them in the trunk. I then sat down in the front seat and put the box of baked goods on my lap and opened it like a treasure chest.

I took a bite of the bread pudding, while Peg took a bite of the key lime pie. "Oh, my goodness," Peg exclaimed. I took a bite of the key lime pie myself. It was one of the best pieces of key lime pie I have ever tasted.

The rhubarb square was next. Fantastic. I took a second bite and put the box in the back seat. Within minutes after arriving home, before unpacking even, the square and the bread pudding were gone. I would have made the pie disappear I promised it all to Peg. The rhubarb tart was breakfast the next morning. It was wonderful.

I absolutely love the Olympia Farmers Market . . . and Olympia.

Leaving downtown Olympia, Washington.

Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.

Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.

Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.

Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.

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Olympia Farmers Market, Olympia Farmers Market olympia wa washington.